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The IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG) is a worldwide network of biologists, wildlife managers, government officials, independent researchers, non-government (NGO) representatives, farmers, traders, tanners, fashion leaders, and private companies actively involved in the conservation of the world's 23 living species of alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gharials in the wild.

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Please click on read more below to find a full list of up-coming events by Crocodile Specialist Group. From time to time we will also add other interesting events happening around the world.

Latest News and Information

Summer CrocFest 2015 took place on 27 June 2015 at Everglades Alligator Farm (Florida, USA), and raised $US23,000 for continued work by Dr. Jeff Lang on the Indian Gharial. Thanks to the generosity of private and corporate sponsors, and zoos, over the last 6 years CrocFests have now raised over $US140,000 for endangered crocodilians.

Details of Summer CrocFest 2015 are included in a detailed report, which can be downloaded here.


The 3rd West and Central Africa Regional Meeting of the Crocodile Specialist Group will be held at the University of Nangui Abrogoua, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, on 8-10 December 2015. The theme of the meeting is "Crocodile Management Issues Across a Complex Landscape", with four objectives: to share lessons learned and adapt the West and central Africa Regional Framework Strategy for the conservation and management of crocodilians; to provide a forum for the presentation of regional crocodile research and management activities; to strengthen the network of regional crocodile biologists and managers through participation and representation of new nations and stakeholders; and, to evaluate 2-4 regional crocodile species for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Organisers have set up an e-mail address specifically for the meeting (CSG2014.WACA@gmail.com).
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La 3ème Réunion Régionale d’Afrique de l’Ouest et d’Afrique Centrale du Groupe des Spécialistes de Crocodiles de l’UICN/SSC, organisée en collaboration avec l'Université de Nangui-Abrogoua en Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, se tiendra dans ladite Université du 8-10 Décembre 2015. Le thème de cette 3ème réunion régionale sera «Gestion de crocodiles à multiples facettes pour un paysage complexe». Les quatre objectifs de la réunion régionale sont les suivantes: partager les leçons apprises et adapter la stratégie régionale pour l'Afrique de l’Ouest et Centrale pour la conservation et la gestion des crocodiliens; fournir un forum pour la présentation des activités de recherche et de gestion des crocodiles régionales; renforcer le réseau des biologistes et les gestionnaires des crocodiles au niveau régional grâce à la participation et la représentation de nations et intervenants nouveaux; et, evaluer 2 à 4 espèces de crocodiles régionales pour leur intégration sur la Liste Rouge des Espèces Menacées de l'UICN.

Les organisateurs ont mis en place une addresse électronique spécialement pour la réunion (CSG2014.WACA@gmail.com).


The 24th Working Meeting of the Crocodile Specialist Group  will be hosted by SANParks at Nombolo Mdhluli Conference Centre, Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa, on 23-26 May 2016. The theme of the working meeting is "Crocodiles, Communities and Livelihoods". There will be a veterinary workshop on 21 May, and a meeting of the CSG Steering Committee on 22 May.

Details are now available on the meeting website (www.csg2016southafrica.org). The CSG Executive urges all CSG members and others interested in crocodilian conservation, management, research and trade to consider participation in the meeting.


"Biology and Evolution of Crocodylians" by Prof. Gordon Grigg and Dr. David Kirschner is now available in Australia and New Zealand from CSIRO Publishing, and will be available in the USA and other parts of the world in May 2015 from Cornell Press. The book is a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on the world's crocodilians, and features more than 500 photographs and illustrations.

"The Eye of the Crocodile", a popular book on crocodilian research, written by Dr. William (Bill) Magnusson, is also now available. Tony Pooley once encouraged Bill "to wite an honest account of what makes a crocodile biologist tick", and through "The Eye of the Crocodile" Bill portrays the emotions that have motivated him to study crocodiles for over four decades. Download "The Eye of the Crocodile" in full, download it one chapter at a time, or purchase a copy.


Julien Draper (MSc student, "Establishment of Historical Baselines of Species in West and Central Africa", Imperial College London) is seeking any information or recommendations for sources to enable him to produce a useful picture of the historical distribution (and possibly abundance) of crocodilian species in West and Central Africa (eg Osteolaemus tetraspis, Mecistops cataphractus). He is collating information from collected specimens, explorer's accounts, scientific expeditions, trade records, cultural use and local anecdotes - as far back as the 18th century. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Julien at julien.draper@imperial.ac.uk.


NEW - Karin Ebey, CSG's youngest member [see CSG Newsletter 33(2) for details] has produced a colorful crocodilian calendar for 2015, featuring the world's crocodilians (Download calendar here).

Link - CrocBITE - Worldwide Crocodilian Attack Database
is now online.

Link - downloadable resources developed by the CSG Veterinary Science Group.

In honour of the late Dr. Fritz Huchzermeyer, the "Fritz Huchzermeyer Veterinary Science Research Assistance Scheme" (FHVSRAS) has been established, with the specific goal of encouraging and assisting undergraduate and post-graduate students to undertake formal research to advance crocodilian veterinary science. Click here for details.