What Do We Do

The IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG) is a worldwide network of biologists, wildlife managers, government officials, independent researchers, non-government (NGO) representatives, farmers, traders, tanners, fashion leaders, and private companies actively involved in the conservation of the world's 23 living species of alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gharials in the wild.

Coming Events

Please click on read more below to find a full list of up-coming events by Crocodile Specialist Group. From time to time we will also add other interesting events happening around the world.

Latest News and Information

Conference on Crocodilian Genetics, Morphology & Molecular Sciences, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA, 8-11 August 2017. Details on registration, submission of abstracts, field trip, etc., can be found at: www.crocscience2017.com.


25th Working Meeting of the IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (Thirty Years Later .... a Problem becomes a Livelihood), Santa Fe, Argentina, 7-10 May 2018. Details are now available on the meeting website (https://www.25wmcsgsantafe.com). A Veterinary Workshop will be held on 5 May, the CSG Steering Committee will meet on 6 May, the Working Meeting will be on 7-10 May, and a field trip is planned for 11 May. Registration is now open.