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The IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG) is a worldwide network of biologists, wildlife managers, government officials, independent researchers, non-government (NGO) representatives, farmers, traders, tanners, fashion leaders, and private companies actively involved in the conservation of the world's 23 living species of alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gharials in the wild.

Coming Events

Please click on read more below to find a full list of up-coming events by Crocodile Specialist Group. From time to time we will also add other interesting events happening around the world.

Latest News and Information

Borneo Crocodile Forum 2014 - Human-Crocodile Co-existence - Roadmap to Sustainability. The Sarawak Forestry Corporation is organizing this forum from 10-12 June 2014, at the RH Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. The desired outcomes of this workshop are to: provide a forum for discussing research findings, conservation and management; formulate a Strategic Crocodile Management Plan for Sarawak; and, to reassess conservation and international trade status, including a proposal to downlist the Bornean population of Crocodylus porosus from CITES Appendix I to Appendix II.

The full program will be emailed upon confirmation of participation. Please contact Ms. Asmah Musa (asmahmusa@sarawakforestry.com) for further details.


A symposium entitled Bridging Science and Practice in Crocodilian Conservation will be held under the auspices of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (www.atbc2014.org/index.php), in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 20-24 July 2014. Contact Ruchira Somaweera (ruchira.somaweera@gmail.com) for further details on the crocodile symposium.


The 1st International Course Specializing in Management of Crocodilians will be held in Colombia on 16-21 November 2014. The course will have specialist instructors from Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, and will involve both theoretical and practical sessions. The course will be limited to 40 people. See flyer and information brochure for further details, or contact organisors at: 1ercursocrocodylia@gmail.com.


The 2nd Symposium on Colombian Crocodilians, with the theme of "Crocodilian Conservation - An Opportunity for Communities", will be held on 2 December 2014, under the auspices of the 4th Colombian Congress of Zoology, in Cartagena, Colombia (1-5 December 2014). For more information, contact organisors at simposiococodrilos@gmail.com. See also Invitation.
NEW - Crocodilian Laboratory Diagnostics and Necropsy Reference List - Dr. Cathy Shilton.

NEW - Crocodilian Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Overview: Haematology and Clinical Biochemistry - by Dr. Cathy Shilton.

NEW - Crocodilian Necropsy: Procedure and Normal Appearance of Tissues (Saltwater Crocodile Crocodylus porosus) - by Dr. Cathy Shilton.

NEW - Crocodilian Necropsy: Examples of Lesions in Saltwater (Crocodylus porosus) and Freshwater (C. johnstoni) Crocodiles - by Dr. Cathy Shilton.

Evolution of CITES in relation to the management and conservation of crocodilians (D. Jelden, H. Jenkins, J. Caldwell). Download here.

NEW - 10-year-old Karin Ebey (pictured below), a regular financial donor to the CSG over the past 3 years, has designed a calendar for 2014, featuring some of the world's crocodilians. Karin has made the calendar available to CSG members and friends - simply download the pdf and print it (Note: print double-sided using the "flip on long edge" option, and it should come out in the right format). Download calendar here.

Link - CrocBITE - Worldwide Crocodilian Attack Database
is now online.

Link - downloadable resources developed by the CSG Veterinary Science Group.