Funding Year 2021

Project: 21/1 Spatial ecology of the American crocodile in Tayrona Natural National Park: A tool for conservation.
Student: Maria Pinzon Barrera (Colombia)
Institution(s): Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Status: Ongoing

Project: 21/2 Identifying the developmental basis of snout width and associated craniofacial anomalies in crocodilians.
Student: Caleb Gordon (USA)
Institution(s): Yale University
Status: Ongoing

Project: 21/3 New approach for identifying pathologic bone in crocodilian species.
Student: Kyla Beguesse (USA)
Institution(s): North Carolina State University;
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Status: Ongoing

Project: 21/4 Assessing temperature and behaviour of farmed Nile crocodiles in southern Africa.
Student: Devon Veldsman (South Africa)
Institution(s): University of Pretoria
Status: Ongoing

Project: 21/5 Population demographics of Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) populations in southern Africa.
Student: Albert Myburgh (South Africa)
Institution(s): University of KwaZulu-Natal;
University of Pretoria
Status: Ongoing

Project: 21/--