CSG Principles

CSG Operational Principles





To assist the International Union of Nature (IUCN) and the Species Survival Commissions (SSC) to meet their missions with regard to the conservation, management and sustainable use of world crocodilians.



To provide expert opinion and advice on the conservation, management and sustainable use of crocodilians to the SSC and IUCN, and either directly or indirectly through the SSC, to Government authorities, NGOs, industry groups and others.


To encourage and assist in capacity-building within and outside the CSG.


Where uses and benefits to people are involved, to be guided by the Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines for Sustainable Use (CBD), adopted by the IUCN at it 3rd World Conservation Congress in 2004.


To continually improve the scope and quality of opinions and advice available through the CSG by fostering and encouraging research into all aspects of crocodilians, and by disseminating new knowledge amongst the CSG membership.


 To ensure that CSG members are involved in:



Identifying problems associated with the conservation, management and sustainable use of crocodilians and their habitats;



Designing, implementing and testing management solutions to identified problems; and,



Applying adaptive management as the basic strategy for improving and refining management over time.


To integrate CSG activities with other appropriate initiatives within the IUCN and SSC.


To assist CSG Regional Chairs, Thematic Vice-Chairs, Task Force Chairs and general CSG members when they undertake projects that require expertise or experience from the broader CSG membership.


The CSG will assist members and others to contribute to the CSG mission and goals, by -


Convening global and regional meetings to assess and discuss crocodilian conservation problems and solutions.


Facilitating information exchange between CSG members, Government and non-Government organisations, and the broader community, through:


(a) Regional networking;
(b) Global networking;
(c) Maintaining an Executive Office;
(d) Publishing a CSG Newsletter; and,
(e) Maintaining a CSG website.


Creating specific CSG Task Forces and Thematic sub-groups to address specific problems with the conservation, management and sustainable use of crocodilians.


Providing review teams to assess national conservation and management programs and where necessary make recommendations aimed at improving management.


Establishing a CSG Red List Authority to assist the SSC in meeting its Red List assessment obligations with crocodilians.


Maintaining an Executive Committee to manage day-to-day CSG operations.


Maintaining a Steering Committee to ensure that the CSG is guided by the views and advice of its members.

IUCN Mission


"To influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable."

IUCN Vision


"A just world that values and conserves nature"

SSC Vision


"A world that values and conserves present levels of biodiversity"

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