Coming Events

18-21 July 2017: 29th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee - Geneva, Switzerland.

22 July 2017: Joint sessions of the CITES Animals (29th) and Plants (23rd) Committees - Geneva, Switzerland.

24-28 July 2017
XI Latin American Congress on Herpetology - Quito, Ecuador.

8-11 August 2017: Conference on Crocodilian Genetics, Morphology and Molecular Sciences - Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

30 October-3 November 2017: XXI Congress of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation ("Biodiversity Conservation in the Hands of Mesoamerican Women") - San Jose, Costa Rica.

27 November-1 December 2017: 69th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee - Geneva, Switzerland.

May 2018: 25th CSG Working Meeting - Santa Fe, Argentina.