Funding Year 2022

Project: 22/1 Monitoring Mugger crocodiles and their habitat through UAV in the Charotar region, Gujarat, India.
Student: Urvi Dave (India)

Institution(s): Sartar Patel University
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/2 Evaluation of mutations in blood cells of Caiman latirostris in agricultural landscapes of Alto Paranapanema, southeast Brazil.
Nathan Fernandes Neves (Brazil)

Institution(s): Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Status: Completed (Final Report)

Project: 22/3 Croc calls: How American and Morelet’s crocodile vocalizations differ in structure.
Student: Helena Wood-Barron (USA)
Institution(s): New College of Florida
Status: Completed (Thesis; Final Report)

Project: 22/4 Influence of nest substrate on American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) hatchling viability in Belize.
Everett Madsen (USA)

Institution(s): University of Texas at El Paso
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/5 Hepatic metabolic physiology of pollutant biotransformation in American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis).
 Student: Yu Umeki (USA)

Institution(s): Texas A&M University at Galveston
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/6 Phylogeography of Paleosuchus palpebrosus and Paleosuchus trigonatus (Crocodylia: Alligatoridae) in Colombia.
 Student: Giovanny Herrera Pachón (Colombia)

Institution(s): Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/7 Causes of mortality and anatomopathological changes in wild and captive Caiman yacare.
 Student: Leonardo Gorza (Brazil)

Institution(s): Federal University of Minas Gerais
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/8 Ecology and biology of the critically endangered Slender-snouted crocodile (Mecistops cataphractus) in Zambia.
 Student: Gladys Kabaso (Zambia)

Institution(s): The University of Zambia
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/9 Nesting ecology of Crocodyus acutus in the Lake Izabal basin, Guatemala.
 Student: Javier Benitez Moreno (Mexico)

Institution(s): El Colegio de la Frontera Sur
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/10 Bio-behavioural stress response in farmed Nile crocodiles, with and without raw Sceletium tortuosum plant extract
Andre Swanpoel (South Africa)

Institution(s): North-West University
Status: Completed (Final Report)

Project: 22/11 Distribution, population status, threats and recommendations for the conservation of Marsh Crocodiles.
Muneer Ahmed Mengal (Pakistan)

Institution(s): University of Sindh Jamshoro
Status: Ongoing

Project: 22/12 Comparative analysis of cultural, historical, and folkloric significance of crocodilians and their social behaviour.
 Student: Noah Koflowitch (USA)

Institution(s): Miami University
Status: Ongoing