Funding Year 2023

Project: 23/1 The visual fields of Crocodylia.
Student: Tyler Hunt (USA)

Institution(s): Florida State University
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/2 Effect of incubation temperature on the development of reproductive structures in Caiman latirostris.
Micaela Mazaratti (Argentina)

Institution(s): Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/3 Gene expression patterns of lipid metabolism as biomarkers of environmental pollution in Caiman latirostris.
Student: Camila Chacón (Argentina)
Institution(s): Universidad Nacional de Litoral
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/4 Nesting ecology of Crocodylus acutus on Ambergris Caye. Effects of natural  and anthropogenic factors on nesting.
Ciaran O Mordha (Ireland)

Institution(s): University College Cork
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/5 Developing acoustic communication indices for Estuarine crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus).
 Student: Sonnie Flores (Australia)

Institution(s): University of the Sunshine Coast
Status: Completed (Final Report)

Project: 23/6 Population assessment of Caiman crocodilus and Crocodylus acutus in Cispata Bay, Cordoba, Colombia.
 Student: Jose Perez Galvis (Colombia)

Institution(s): Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Status: Completed (Final Report)

Project: 23/7 Influence of salinity on habitat preference and spatial distribution in two sympatric crocodile species.
 Student: Joana Batalha (Portugal)

Institution(s): Autonomous University of Campeche
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/8 Genetic flow between insular and mainland Caribbean crocodiles: allopatry, forced hybridization, or continuous flow?
 Student: Monica Perez (Mexico)

Institution(s): Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/9 Persistent organic compounds as endocrine disruptors in Crocodylus moreletii preserved environments and urban Mexico.
 Student: Cesar Cedillo (Mexico)

Institution(s): Autonomous University of Campeche
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/10 Comparing UAV and spotlight surveys for Nile crocodile population monitoring in southern Africa.
 Student: Albert Wilken (South Africa)

Institution(s): University of Pretoria
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/11 Evaluation of the population and distribution of the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) in Placencia Lagoon, Belize.
 Student: Yanick Hendriks (Denmark)

Institution(s): University of Copenhagen
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/12 Habitat feasibility and public perception on the ex-situ conservation and reintroduction of C. mindorensis.
 Student: Emma Jarlbaek (Denmark)

Institution(s): Lund University
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/13 Exploring regional trends in alligator diet and ecotoxicology.
 Student: Miriam Boucher (USA)

Institution(s): Clemson University
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/14 Reproductive ecology of the Black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) in Araguaia National Park, Tocantins, Northern Brazil: An initial approach.
 Student: Barthira de Oliveira (Brazil)

Institution(s): University of Tocantins
Status: Ongoing

Project: 23/15 Monitoring of Tomistoma schlegelii in Southwestern Sarawak using eDNA and Traditional Telemetry Methods.
 Student: James Watson

Institution(s):  University of Malaysia - Sarawak
Status:  Ongoing