Funding Year 2024

Project: 24/1 Characterization of microplastics in the American crocodile Crocodylus acutus as an indicator of pollution in the Mexican Caribbean.
Student: Diana Marcela Caro Martinez (Mexico)

Institution(s): Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Quintana Roo
Status: Ongoing

Project: 24/2 Effect of fire on Caiman yacare populations in Ibera National Park.
Gerardo Gabriel Vega (Argentina)

Institution(s): Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET)
Status:  Ongoing

Project: 24/3
Distribution of the Broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris) within an urban Atlantic Forest habitat in northeastern Brazil.
Student:  Maria Luiza da Silva (Brazil)

Institution(s): Federal University of Paralba-Campus of Agrarian Sciences
Status: Ongoing

Project: 24/4 Reproductive success of Crocodylus acutus in Monte Cabaniguan Fauna Refuge, Cuba.
Yairen Alonso (Cuba)

Institution(s): Universidad de Oriente
Status: Ongoing

Project: 24/5 Developing photogrammetry model as a tool to monitor body conditions in freshwater Mugger crocodiles.
Tathagata Bhowmik (India)

Institution(s): Ahmedabad University
Status: Ongoing

Project: 24/6 Effect of moon and nocturnal activity patterns on crocodiles' detection for abundance estimation in the Yum Balam Natural Protected Area, Mexico.
Coralie Galais (France)

Institution(s): University of Campeche
Status: Ongoing

Project: 24/7