Steering Committee

Organisational structure of the CSG Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets at least every two years, at the CSG’s working meetings, and communicates regularly by e-mail.

Regional Chairmen/Vice Chairmen

Southern and East Africa
Regional Chairman: Christine Lippai (South Africa).
Regional Vice Chairmen: Dr. Alison Leslie (South Africa), Howard Kelly (South Africa).

West and Central Africa 
Regional Chairman: Dr. Samuel Martin (France)
Regional Vice Chairman: Christine Lippai (South Africa), Prof. Guy Apollinaire Mensah (Benin).

East and Southeast Asia
Regional Chairmen: Lonnie McCaskill (USA/Cambodia), Dr. Jiang Hongxing (China).
Regional Vice Chairmen: Dr. Choo Hoo Giam (Singapore), Dr. Nao Thuok (Cambodia), Uthen Youngprapakorn (Thailand), Yosapong Temsiripong (Thailand).

South Asia and Iran
Regional Chairman: Anslem de Silva (Sri Lanka).
Regional Vice Chairmen: Dr. Ruchira Somaweera (Australia/Sri Lanka), Raju Vyas (India), Abdul Aleem Choudhury (Pakistan), Asghar Mobaraki (Iran), Dr. S.M.A. Rashid (Bangladesh), Maheshwar Dhakal (Nepal).

Australia and Oceania
Regional Chairman: Charlie Manolis (Australia).
Regional Vice Chairmen: Steve Peucker (Australia), Eric Langelet (Papua New Guinea).

Regional Chairmen: Dr. Jon Hutton (UK), Dr. Samuel Martin (France).
Regional Vice Chairman: Ralf Sommerlad (Germany).

Latin America and the Caribbean
Regional Chairman:
Alfonso Llobet (Bolivia), Carlos Piña (Argentina), Alvaro Velasco (Venezuela).
Regional Vice Chairmen
: Dr. Marisa Tellez (USA), Dr. Luis Bassetti (Brazil), Manuel Tabet (Cuba), Sergio Medrano-Bitar (Colombia), Hesiquio Benitez Diaz (Mexico). Regional Trade: Bernado Ortiz (Ecuador).

North America
Regional Chairmen: Dr. Ruth Elsey (USA), Allan Woodward (USA).
Regional Vice Chairman: Noel Kinler (USA), Frank Mazzotti (USA), Thomas Rainwater (USA).


Thematic Groups

Vice Chairman: Hank Jenkins (Australia).
Deputy Vice Chairman: Dr. Yoshio Kaneko (Japan).

General Research
Vice Chairman: Dr. Valentine Lance (USA).

Vice Chairman: Don Ashley (USA).
Deputy Vice Chairmen: Yoichi Takehara (Japan), C.H. Koh (Singapore), Kevin Van Jaarsveldt (South Africa), Enrico Chiesa (Italy), Jorge Saieh (Colombia), Thomas Kralle (Germany), Chris Plott (USA), Simone Camparini (Italy), Jerome Caraguel (France).

Legal Affairs
Vice Chairman: Curt Harbsmeier (USA).

Trade Monitoring
Vice Chairman: John Caldwell (UK).
Deputy Vice Chairmen: James MacGregor (UK), Steve Broad (UK).

Veterinary Science
Vice Chairman: Dr. Paolo Martelli (Hong Kong), Cathy Shilton (Australia).

Vice Chairman: Dr. Kent Vliet (USA).

Public Education and Community Participation
Vice Chairman: Myrna Cauilan-Cureg (Philippines).

CSG IUCN Red List Authority
Dr. Perran Ross

Task Force/Working Groups

Tomistoma Task Force: Chairman: Bruce Shwedick (USA).

Chinese Alligator Working Group: Chairman: Dr. Jiang Hongxing (China).

Human-Crocodile Conflict Working Group: Chairman: Allan Woodward (USA).

Siamese Crocodile Task Force: Chairman: Dr. Parntep Ratanakorn (Thailand).


Honorary Members

Prof. Harry Messel (Australia)
Ted Joanen (USA)
Romulus Whitaker (India)
Phil Wilkinson (USA)
Prof. F. Wayne King (USA)
Dr. Fritz Huchzermeyer (South Africa)