Working Groups

Tomistoma Task Force
The Tomistoma Task Force, within the IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group, is dedicated to quantifying the status of False Gharials (Tomistoma schlegelii) in the wild, identifying the threats to which they are exposed, and to promoting such actions in cooperation with range States and others as may be deemed appropriate for achieving sustainable conservation benefits for the species.   
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Chinese Alligator Working Group

The main goal of the Chinese Alligator Working Group is to identify suitable release sites for captive-bred Chinese alligators; to establish new wild populations, rehabilitate the current wild population based on the community-based management approach, and address the conflicts between species conservation and community development.

Human-Crocodile Conflict Working Group

Crocodiles are large capable predators and attacks on humans and their livestock are increasingly becoming a problem in the conservation and management of wild populations. This is mostly happening in the developing world, as human usage of surface water increases and as some crocodile populations respond to conservation through increasing populations. Attacks are traumatic events that have powerful emotive and political consequences that often lead to a conservation dilemma: conserve crocodiles or protect people. The HCC Working Group comprises people who deal with these problems regularly.

The aim is to provide advice and technical assistance in the evaluation and alleviation of HCC where it threatens the conservation of the species. The working group has compiled guidelines for these activities that are available to national authorities, local communities and other affected parties. The group also maintains an international database of attacks by crocodilians on humans, with the aim of identifying determinants and high-risk activities.