SC Meeting, Santa Fe, 6 May 2018

CSG Steering Committee Agenda

Santa Fe, Argentina, 6 May 2018

(Downloadable pdfs)

1.    Executive Reports

  1.1. Chairs's Report (verbal - Grahame Webb)

  1.2. Minutes of SC meeting, Skukuza (Tom Dacey)

  1.3. Actions from SC meeting, Skukuza (Tom Dacey)

  1.4. Executive Officer’s Report (Tom Dacey)

  1.5. CSG/IACS Financial Reports (Tom Dacey)


2.    Regional Reports

  2.1. East & Southern Africa (Christine Lippai)

  2.2. West & Central Africa (Matthew Shirley)

  2.3. East & Southeast Asia (Lonnie McCaskill)

  2.4. Australia & Oceania (Charlie Manolis)

  2.5. South Asia & Iran (Anslem de Silva and others)

  2.6. Latin America & the Caribbean (Pablo Siroski, Alvaro Velasco, Alfonso Llobet)

  2.7. Europe (Thomas Ziegler)

  2.8. North America (Ruth Elsey and Allan Woodward)


3.    Thematic Group Reports

  3.1. CITES (Tom Dacey)

  3.2. Industry (verbal - Grahame Webb); Mexican industry report (Manuel Muniz)

  3.3. Trade Monitoring (John Caldwell)

  3.4. Veterinary Science (Paolo Martelli, Cathy Shilton and Gowri Mallapur)

  3.5. Zoos (Kent Vliet)

  3.6. Public Education & Community Participation (Myrna Cureg)

  3.7. General Research (Val Lance, Mark Merchant and Carlos Piña)

  3.8. Legal Affairs (Curt Harbsmeier)

  3.9. IUCN Red List Authority (Perran Ross, Sally Isberg, Sergio Balaguera-Reina)

3.10. Taxonomy (Kent Vliet)


4.    Task Force/Working Group Reports

  4.1. Tomistoma Task Force (Bruce Shwedick)

  4.2. Future Leaders Working Group (Matthew Shirley)

  4.3. Thailand report (Parntep Ratanakorn, Yosapong Temsiripong, Nareerat Sangkachai)


5.    General Business

  5.1.  SRAS & FHVS-SRAS Review (Charlie Manolis)

  5.2.  Junior CSG Program (verbal - Tom Dacey)

  5.3.  Alberquerque Bio-Park collaboration (Tom Dacey)

  5.4.  WMI Contract (Tom Dacey)

6.    26th CSG Working Meeting