Membership to the Crocodile Specialist Group is ultimately determined by the Chair/s, usually after recommendation by the relevant CSG Regional Chair/s. The CSG maintains a broad and diverse "voluntary" membership to enable it to effectively deal with crocodilian conservation. Members are generally individuals who are:

  • actively involved with crocodilian conservation, research, management, education or trade;
  • integrally involved in crocodilian conservation policy or law; or,
  • contribute to crocodilian conservation, management and sustainable use.

In general, most CSG members have had several years of active involvement with the CSG prior to being nominated for membership.

Members are obligated to operate within the CSG's Operational Principles that define the goals of the group, and the mechanisms through which these goals are to be achieved. As members of the SSC, they are also obligated to adhere to the SSC Code of Conduct.

You can learn more about the CSG by through the Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter and/or by attending the biennial working meetings of the group.