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  • Minutes of CSG Steering Committee Meetings: Steering Committee meetings are held at least every two years, usually in conjunction with Working Meetings.
  • CSG Reports: CSG produces various reports (eg reviews on crocodile management) from time to time.
  • CSG Action Plans: Action Plans for each species of crocodilian.
  • Articles: general articles of interest.

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1.Action PlansCrocodylus rhombifer Action Plan 201925/02/2024 (size: 1,325KB)
2.Action PlansCrocodylus moreletii Action Plan 201920/02/2024 (size: 1,673KB)
3.Action PlansCrocodylus porosus Action Plan 201819/02/2024 (size: 3,148KB)
4.Action PlansCaiman crocodilus Action Plan 201919/02/2024 (size: 1,168KB)
5.Action PlansCrocodylus intermedius Action Plan 201919/02/2024 (size: 2,487KB)
6.Action PlansCaiman latirostris Action Plan 201919/02/2024 (size: 1,529KB)
7.Action PlansCrocodylus siamensis Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 4,367KB)
8.Action PlansAlligator sinensis Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 872KB)
9.Action PlansCrocodylus niloticus Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 5,870KB)
10.Action PlansCrocodylus mindorensis Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 1,884KB)
11.Action PlansCrocodylus acutus Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 2,211KB)
12.Action PlansCaiman yacare Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 1,205KB)
13.Action PlansCrocodylus novaeguineae Action Plan 201918/02/2024 (size: 644KB)
14.Action PlansAlligator mississippiensis Action Plan 201917/11/2019 (size: 2,798KB)
15.Action PlansPaleosuchus palpebrosus Action Plan 201917/11/2019 (size: 841KB)
16.Action PlansPaleosuchus trigonatus Action Plan 201917/11/2019 (size: 1,906KB)
17.Action PlansTomistoma schlegelii Action Plan 201917/11/2019 (size: 1,684KB)
18.Action Plans1992 Species Action Plans (Thorbjarnarson 1992)13/03/2018 (size: 8,019KB)
19.Action Plans1998 CSG Action Plan (Ross 1998)12/03/2018 (size: 5,322KB)
20.Action PlansGavialis gangeticus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,997KB)
21.Action PlansTomistoma schlegelii Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,804KB)
22.Action PlansOsteolaemus tetraspis Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,099KB)
23.Action PlansCrocodylus siamensis Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,884KB)
24.Action PlansCrocodylus rhombifer Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,396KB)
25.Action PlansCrocodylus porosus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 7,338KB)
26.Action PlansCrocodylus palustris Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,185KB)
27.Action PlansCrocodylus novaeguineae Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 846KB)
28.Action PlansCrocodylus niloticus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,405KB)
29.Action PlansCrocodylus moreletii Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,668KB)
30.Action PlansCrocodylus mindorensis Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,807KB)
31.Action PlansCrocodylus johnstoni Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,424KB)
32.Action PlansCrocodylus intermedius Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,836KB)
33.Action PlansMecistops cataphractus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,198KB)
34.Action PlansCrocodylus acutus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,639KB)
35.Action PlansPaleosuchus trigonatus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 906KB)
36.Action PlansPalaeosuchus palpebrosus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 565KB)
37.Action PlansMelanosuchus niger Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 978KB)
38.Action PlansCaiman yacare Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,121KB)
39.Action PlansCaiman latirostris Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,637KB)
40.Action PlansCaiman crocodilus Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,576KB)
41.Action PlansAlligator sinensis Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 1,040KB)
42.Action PlansAlligator mississipiensis Action Plan 201011/04/2012 (size: 2,617KB)
43.Articles8th Charotar Crocodile Count - Jan 2021 (Voluntary Nature Conservancy 2021)31/01/2021 (size: 3,636KB)
44.ArticlesHumane Euthanasia/Killing Methods for Crocodilians - An Update14/05/2020 (size: 100KB)
45.Articles7th Charotar Crocodile Count - Jan 2020 (Voluntary Nature Conservancy 2020)8/04/2020 (size: 4,465KB)
46.Articles6th Charotar Crocodile Count - 2019 (Voluntary Nature Conservancy 2019)8/04/2020 (size: 4,633KB)
47.Articles5th Charotar Crocodile Count - 2018 (Voluntary Nature Conservancy 2018)22/01/2018 (size: 2,613KB)
48.ArticlesStatus of Tomistoma, Sumatra (Shaney et al. 2016)24/02/2017 (size: 3,585KB)
49.ArticlesPreliminary Report, Tomistoma, Sumatra (Shaney et al. 2015)24/02/2017 (size: 5,687KB)
50.Articles4th Charotar Crocodile Count 2017 - Voluntary Nature Conservancy (2017)18/02/2017 (size: 3,451KB)
51.ArticlesCSG Best Management Practices for Crocodilian Farming9/05/2016 (size: 1,644KB)
52.ArticlesCrocs of Charotar - Vasava et al. (2015)2/07/2015 (size: 6,170KB)
53.ArticlesJelden et al. (2014). CITES and crocodilians - update February 2014.7/02/2014 (size: 164KB)
54.ArticlesJuan and Lorenzo now rescue the babilla (English)26/08/2013 (size: 2,410KB)
55.ArticlesJuan y Lorenzo ahora rescatan la babilla (Espanol)26/08/2013 (size: 2,136KB)
56.ArticlesProcedures standard de Suivi des Populations de Crocodiles 291227/09/2012 (size: 446KB)
57.ArticlesWhitaker, N. (2008). Survey of Human/Crocodile Conflict in the Union Territory of the Andaman Islands,Hut Bay, Little Andaman.9/04/2008 (size: 1,067KB)
58.ArticlesGramentz, D. (2008). The distribution, abundance and threat of the saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, in the Bentota Ganga, Sri Lanka.9/04/2008 (size: 4,463KB)
59.ArticlesDe Silva, A. (2008). The status of the Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) inhabiting the Nilwala River, Matara District and its impact on the community.9/04/2008 (size: 2,995KB)
60.ArticlesWhitaker, R. and Whitaker, N. (2008). Who‘s Got the Biggest?9/04/2008 (size: 1,877KB)
61.ArticlesZiegler, T. and Olbort, S. (2007). Genital structures and sex identification in crocodiles9/04/2007 (size: 1,433KB)
62.ArticlesHutton, J.M. and Webb, G.J.W. (1992). Introduccion a la crianza de crocodilianos. (translated into Spanish by Andres Seijas in 2007).9/04/2007 (size: 313KB)
63.ArticlesPhilippine Crocodile Society Newsletter (September 2007)9/04/2007 (size: 202KB)
64.ArticlesWhitaker, N. (2007). Survey of Human/Crocodile Conflict in India, Maharashtra State.9/04/2007 (size: 1,101KB)
65.ArticlesWhitaker, R. (2007). Sustainable Use of the Lake Chamo Nile Crocodile Population.9/04/2007 (size: 443KB)
66.ArticlesJelden, D. (2006). Concerns on the Conservation Status of Central African Crocodilians Half a Century Ago.9/04/2006 (size: 1,794KB)
67.ArticlesOliveros, C., Telan, S. and Van Weerd, M. (2006). Crocodile Surveys on Dalupiri and Fuga.9/04/2006 (size: 487KB)
68.ArticlesCox, J. (2006). Initial Surveys of Crocodiles and Habitat at Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park and other areas of Brunei Bay, Brunei Darussalam. May and July 20069/04/2006 (size: 1,885KB)
69.ArticlesHernandez Hurtado, H., Quevado Marchain, R.G. and Hernandez Hurtado, P. (2006). Los cocodrilos de la costa Pacifico occidental de Mexico.9/04/2006 (size: 797KB)
70.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 43(2) Apr-Jun 20245/07/2024 (size: 5,711KB)
71.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 43(1) Jan-Mar 20241/04/2024 (size: 7,008KB)
72.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 42(4) Oct-Dec 20231/03/2024 (size: 10,897KB)
73.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 42(3) Jul-Sep 202311/10/2023 (size: 6,681KB)
74.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 42(2) Apr-Jun 20237/07/2023 (size: 8,724KB)
75.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 42(1) Jan-Mar 202316/04/2023 (size: 4,573KB)
76.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 41(4) Oct-Dec 202218/02/2023 (size: 2,965KB)
77.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 41(3) Jul-Sep 20227/10/2022 (size: 3,664KB)
78.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 41(2) Apr-Jun 202216/07/2022 (size: 10,363KB)
79.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 41(1) Jan-Mar 202210/04/2022 (size: 9,382KB)
80.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 40(4) Oct-Dec 202119/02/2022 (size: 5,743KB)
81.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 40(3) Jul-Sep 202112/10/2021 (size: 4,168KB)
82.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 40(2) Apr-Jun 20212/07/2021 (size: 4,108KB)
83.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 40(1) Jan-Mar 20216/04/2021 (size: 4,366KB)
84.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 39(4) Oct-Dec 20205/01/2021 (size: 2,786KB)
85.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 39(3) Jul-Sep 20209/10/2020 (size: 2,626KB)
86.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 39(2) Apr-Jun 20206/07/2020 (size: 5,048KB)
87.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 39(1) Jan-Mar 20203/04/2020 (size: 4,859KB)
88.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 38(4) Oct-Dec 20198/01/2020 (size: 7,162KB)
89.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 38(3) Jul-Sep 201914/11/2019 (size: 4,117KB)
90.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 38(2) Apr-Jun 20199/07/2019 (size: 3,197KB)
91.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 38(1) Jan-Mar 20191/04/2019 (size: 3,544KB)
92.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 37(4) Oct-Dec 201824/01/2019 (size: 3,831KB)
93.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 37(3) Jul-Sep 20184/10/2018 (size: 3,299KB)
94.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 37(2) Apr-Jun 201822/08/2018 (size: 5,281KB)
95.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 37(1) Jan-Mar 20182/04/2018 (size: 2,878KB)
96.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 36(4) Oct-Dec 201718/01/2018 (size: 4,790KB)
97.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 36(3) Jul-Sep 20178/10/2017 (size: 2,643KB)
98.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 36(2) Apr-Jun 20175/07/2017 (size: 3,970KB)
99.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 36(1) Jan-Mar 20173/04/2017 (size: 2,109KB)
100.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 35(4) Oct-Dec 201615/01/2017 (size: 638KB)
101.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 35(3) Jul-Sep 201622/10/2016 (size: 744KB)
102.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 35(2) Apr-Jun 20167/07/2016 (size: 3,334KB)
103.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 35(1) Jan-Mar 201627/03/2016 (size: 4,312KB)
104.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 34(4) Oct-Dec 201520/01/2016 (size: 3,265KB)
105.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 34(3) Jul-Sep 201528/09/2015 (size: 720KB)
106.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 34(2) Apr-Jun 20155/07/2015 (size: 4,790KB)
107.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 34(1) Jan-Mar 201524/03/2015 (size: 1,080KB)
108.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 33(4) Oct-Dec 201418/01/2015 (size: 3,023KB)
109.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 33(3) Jul-Sep 201429/09/2014 (size: 6,368KB)
110.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 33(2) Apr-Jun 20149/08/2014 (size: 1,478KB)
111.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 33(1) Jan-Mar 201431/03/2014 (size: 866KB)
112.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 32(4) Oct-Dec 201314/01/2014 (size: 5,298KB)
113.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 32(3) Jul-Sep 20133/10/2013 (size: 1,268KB)
114.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 32(2) Apr-Jun 201323/06/2013 (size: 4,544KB)
115.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 32(1) Jan-Mar 201316/04/2013 (size: 7,229KB)
116.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 31(4) Oct-Dec 201224/01/2013 (size: 6,195KB)
117.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 31(3) Jul-Sep 201213/10/2012 (size: 4,322KB)
118.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 31(2) Apr-Jun 20124/07/2012 (size: 5,818KB)
119.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 31(1) Jan-Mar 201212/04/2012 (size: 683KB)
120.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 30(4) Oct-Dec 201122/12/2011 (size: 1,201KB)
121.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 30(3) Jul-Sep 201122/09/2011 (size: 992KB)
122.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 30(2) Apr-Jun 201122/06/2011 (size: 3,282KB)
123.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 30(1) Jan-Mar 20119/03/2011 (size: 1,145KB)
124.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 29(4) Oct-Dec 20109/12/2010 (size: 542KB)
125.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 29(3) Jul-Sep 20109/09/2010 (size: 966KB)
126.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 29(2) Apr-Jun 20109/06/2010 (size: 799KB)
127.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 29(1) Jan-Mar 20109/03/2010 (size: 605KB)
128.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 28(4) Oct-Dec 20099/12/2009 (size: 440KB)
129.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 28(3) Jul-Sep 20099/09/2009 (size: 990KB)
130.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 28(2) Apr-Jun 20099/03/2009 (size: 781KB)
131.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 28(1) Jan-Mar 200911/01/2009 (size: 6,594KB)
132.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 27(4) Oct-Dec 20089/12/2008 (size: 791KB)
133.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 27(3) Jul-Sep 20089/09/2008 (size: 969KB)
134.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 27(2) Apr-Jun 200811/06/2008 (size: 2,112KB)
135.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 27(1) Jan-Mar 20089/03/2008 (size: 815KB)
136.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 26(4) Oct-Dec 20079/12/2007 (size: 456KB)
137.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 26(3) Jul-Sep 20079/09/2007 (size: 813KB)
138.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 26(2) Apr-Jun 20079/06/2007 (size: 521KB)
139.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 26(1) Jan-Mar 20079/03/2007 (size: 849KB)
140.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 25(4) Oct-Dec 200622/12/2006 (size: 4,506KB)
141.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 25(3) Jul-Sep 200611/09/2006 (size: 1,781KB)
142.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 25(2) Apr-Jun 200611/06/2006 (size: 2,786KB)
143.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 25(1) Jan-Mar 200611/03/2006 (size: 4,387KB)
144.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 24(4) Oct-Dec 200511/12/2005 (size: 3,473KB)
145.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 24(3) Jul-Sep 200511/09/2005 (size: 3,044KB)
146.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 24(2) Apr-Jun 200511/06/2005 (size: 1,633KB)
147.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 24(1) Jan-Mar 200511/03/2005 (size: 1,283KB)
148.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 23(4) Sep-Dec 20049/12/2004 (size: 679KB)
149.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 23(3) Jul-Sep 200411/09/2004 (size: 683KB)
150.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 23(2) Apr-Jun 200411/06/2004 (size: 1,408KB)
151.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 23(1) Jan-Mar 200411/03/2004 (size: 1,293KB)
152.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 22(4) Oct-Dec 200311/12/2003 (size: 2,051KB)
153.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 22(3) Jul-Sep 200311/09/2003 (size: 1,151KB)
154.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 22(2) Apr-Jun 200311/04/2003 (size: 1,193KB)
155.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 22(1) Jan-Mar 200311/03/2003 (size: 3,609KB)
156.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 21(4) Oct-Dec 200211/12/2002 (size: 2,031KB)
157.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 21(3) Jul-Sep 200211/09/2002 (size: 492KB)
158.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 21(2) Apr-Jun 200211/06/2002 (size: 308KB)
159.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 21(1) Jan-Mar 200211/03/2002 (size: 2,175KB)
160.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 20(4) Oct-Dec 200111/12/2001 (size: 1,916KB)
161.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 20(3) Jul-Sep 200111/09/2001 (size: 2,185KB)
162.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 20(2) Apr-Jun 200111/06/2001 (size: 1,784KB)
163.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 20(1) Jan-Mar 200111/03/2001 (size: 1,374KB)
164.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 19(4) Oct-Dec 200011/12/2000 (size: 1,779KB)
165.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 19(3) Jul-Sep 200011/09/2000 (size: 1,768KB)
166.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 19(2) Apr-Jun 200011/06/2000 (size: 1,942KB)
167.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 19(1) Jan-Mar 200011/03/2000 (size: 1,928KB)
168.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 18(4) Oct-Dec 199911/12/1999 (size: 1,883KB)
169.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 18(3) Jul-Sep 199911/09/1999 (size: 1,649KB)
170.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 18(2) Apr-Jun 199911/06/1999 (size: 1,693KB)
171.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 18(1) Jan-Mar 199911/03/1999 (size: 1,411KB)
172.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 17(4) Oct-Dec 199811/12/1998 (size: 1,839KB)
173.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 17(3) Jul-Sep 199811/09/1998 (size: 1,713KB)
174.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 17(1) Jan-Mar 199811/03/1998 (size: 1,354KB)
175.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 17(2) Apr-Mar 199811/03/1998 (size: 1,824KB)
176.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 16(4) Oct-Dec 199711/12/1997 (size: 1,483KB)
177.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 16(3) Jul-Sep 199711/09/1997 (size: 1,957KB)
178.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 16(2) Apr-Jun 199711/06/1997 (size: 1,785KB)
179.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 16(1) Jan-Mar 199711/03/1997 (size: 2,158KB)
180.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 15(4) Oct-Dec 199611/12/1996 (size: 1,117KB)
181.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 15(3) Jul-Sep 199611/09/1996 (size: 1,157KB)
182.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 15(2) Apr-Jun 199611/06/1996 (size: 1,035KB)
183.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 15(1) Jan-Mar 199611/03/1996 (size: 936KB)
184.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 14(4) Oct-Dec 199511/12/1995 (size: 645KB)
185.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 14(3) Jul-Sep 199511/09/1995 (size: 965KB)
186.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 14(2) Apr-Jun 199511/06/1995 (size: 1,117KB)
187.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 14(1) Jan-Mar 199511/03/1995 (size: 1,089KB)
188.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 13(4) Oct-Dec 199411/12/1994 (size: 1,298KB)
189.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 13(3) Jul-Sep 199411/09/1994 (size: 1,132KB)
190.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 13(1) Jan-Mar 199411/04/1994 (size: 2,331KB)
191.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 13(2) Apr-Jun 199411/04/1994 (size: 3,023KB)
192.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 12(4) Oct-Dec 199311/12/1993 (size: 2,879KB)
193.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 12(3) Jul-Sep 199311/09/1993 (size: 3,015KB)
194.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 12(2) Apr-Jun 199311/06/1993 (size: 1,921KB)
195.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 12(1) Jan-Mar 199311/03/1993 (size: 2,820KB)
196.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 11(4) Oct-Dec 199211/12/1992 (size: 3,163KB)
197.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 11(3) Jul-Sep 199211/09/1992 (size: 2,838KB)
198.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 11(2) Apr-Jun 199211/06/1992 (size: 2,430KB)
199.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 11(1) Jan-Mar 199211/03/1992 
200.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 10(4) Oct-Dec 199111/12/1991 (size: 3,163KB)
201.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 10(3) Jul-Sep 199111/09/1991 (size: 3,001KB)
202.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 10(2) Apr-Jun 199111/06/1991 (size: 3,145KB)
203.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 10(1) Jan-Mar 199111/03/1991 (size: 1,871KB)
204.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 9(4) Oct-Dec 199030/12/1990 (size: 2,946KB)
205.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 9(3) Jul-Sep 199030/05/1990 (size: 7,901KB)
206.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 9(2) Apr-Jun 199030/04/1990 (size: 6,656KB)
207.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 9(1) Jan-Mar 199011/03/1990 (size: 3,294KB)
208.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 8(4) Oct-Dec 198911/12/1989 (size: 5,293KB)
209.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 8(3) Jul-Sep 198911/09/1989 (size: 2,279KB)
210.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 8(2) Apr-Jun 198911/04/1989 (size: 3,844KB)
211.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 8(1) Jan-Mar 198911/03/1989 (size: 1,319KB)
212.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 7 Jan-Dec 198811/12/1988 (size: 2,954KB)
213.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 6 Jan-Dec 198711/12/1987 (size: 3,957KB)
214.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 5 Jan-Dec 198611/04/1986 (size: 2,298KB)
215.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 4 Jan-Dec 198511/12/1985 (size: 2,687KB)
216.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 3(2) Sep 198411/09/1984 (size: 991KB)
217.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 3(1) Feb 198411/04/1984 (size: 1,254KB)
218.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 2(2) Jul 198311/07/1983 (size: 766KB)
219.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter 2(1) Jan 198311/01/1983 (size: 337KB)
220.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 17 (1980)11/04/1980 (size: 652KB)
221.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 18 (1980)11/04/1980 (size: 674KB)
222.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 14 (1979)11/04/1979 (size: 1,529KB)
223.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 15 (1979)11/04/1979 (size: 567KB)
224.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 16 (1979)11/04/1979 (size: 1,042KB)
225.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 13 (1978)11/04/1978 (size: 538KB)
226.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 12 (1977)11/04/1977 (size: 1,009KB)
227.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 11 (1975)11/04/1975 (size: 464KB)
228.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 10 (1974)11/04/1974 (size: 968KB)
229.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 9 (1974)11/01/1974 (size: 477KB)
230.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 8b (1973)11/04/1973 (size: 1,723KB)
231.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 8a (1973)11/01/1973 (size: 886KB)
232.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 7 (1972)11/09/1972 (size: 898KB)
233.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 6 (1972)11/08/1972 (size: 995KB)
234.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 5 (1972)11/07/1972 (size: 393KB)
235.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 4 (1972)11/06/1972 (size: 485KB)
236.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 3 (1972)11/01/1972 (size: 477KB)
237.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 1 (1971)11/12/1971 (size: 197KB)
238.CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter No. 2 (1971)11/06/1971 (size: 596KB)
239.CSG Proceedings27th Proceedings (Darwin, Australia, April 2024)8/07/2024 (size: 8,389KB)
240.CSG Proceedings3rd West Central African Regional Meeting (2015)18/01/2024 (size: 2,897KB)
241.CSG ProceedingsRegional Latin America & Caribbean meeting, Belize, 26-29 June 2019 (Abstracts)19/10/2023 (size: 1,279KB)
242.CSG Proceedings26th Proceedings (Chetumal, Mexico, July 2022)12/07/2023 (size: 3,920KB)
243.CSG Proceedings25th Proceedings (Santa Fe, Argentina, May 2018)26/01/2020 (size: 9,405KB)
244.CSG Proceedings24th Proceedings (Skukuza, South Africa, May 2016)17/11/2016 (size: 6,124KB)
245.CSG Proceedings23rd Proceedings (Lake Charles, USA, May 2014)11/03/2016 (size: 19,825KB)
246.CSG Proceedings22nd Proceedings Part 1 (Negombo, Sri Lanka, May 2013; pp 1-122)29/01/2014 (size: 5,221KB)
247.CSG Proceedings22nd Proceedings Part 2 (Negombo, Sri Lanka, May 2013; pp 123-206)29/01/2014 (size: 5,527KB)
248.CSG Proceedings22nd Proceedings Part 3 (Negombo, Sri Lanka, May 2013; pp 207-308)29/01/2014 (size: 5,128KB)
249.CSG Proceedings21st Proceedings Part 2 (Manila, Philippines, May 2012)31/05/2013 (size: 6,825KB)
250.CSG Proceedings21st Proceedings Part 4 (Manila, Philippines, May 2012)31/05/2013 (size: 4,199KB)
251.CSG Proceedings21st Proceedings Part 5 (Manila, Philippines, May 2012)31/05/2013 (size: 6,172KB)
252.CSG Proceedings21st Proceedings Part 1 (Manila, Philippines, May 2012)30/05/2013 (size: 4,354KB)
253.CSG Proceedings21st Proceedings Part 3 (Manila, Philippines, May 2012)30/05/2013 (size: 7,741KB)
254.CSG Proceedings21st Proceedings Part 6 (Manila, Philippines, May 2012)30/05/2013 (size: 3,742KB)
255.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 1 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 2,071KB)
256.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 4 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 3,215KB)
257.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 5 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 7,719KB)
258.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 6 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 4,543KB)
259.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 7 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 7,375KB)
260.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 8 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 4,717KB)
261.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 2 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 5,427KB)
262.CSG ProceedingsProceedings 1st Species Meeting Part 3 (April 2011)29/06/2011 (size: 3,230KB)
263.CSG Proceedings20th Proceedings (Manaus, Brazil, September 2010)8/06/2010 (size: 2,763KB)
264.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: Proceedings 2nd West Africa Regional Meeting (Burkina Faso, March 2010)9/04/2010 (size: 4,482KB)
265.CSG Proceedings19th Proceedings Part 3 (Santa Cruz, Bolivia, June 2008)31/05/2008 (size: 5,719KB)
266.CSG Proceedings19th Proceedings Part 2 (Santa Cruz, Bolivia, June 2008)1/02/2008 (size: 7,429KB)
267.CSG Proceedings19th Proceedings Part 1 (Santa Cruz, Bolivia, June 2008)1/01/2008 (size: 4,731KB)
268.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: English Summary 1st West Africa Regional Meeting (Niger, November 2007)16/05/2007 (size: 82KB)
269.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: Proceedings 1st West Africa Regional Meeting (Niger, November 2007)9/04/2007 (size: 3,318KB)
270.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 8 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/08/2006 (size: 3,145KB)
271.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 7 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/07/2006 (size: 5,192KB)
272.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 6 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/06/2006 (size: 7,784KB)
273.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 5 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/05/2006 (size: 1,702KB)
274.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 4 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/04/2006 (size: 7,352KB)
275.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 3 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/03/2006 (size: 7,127KB)
276.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 2 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/02/2006 (size: 8,018KB)
277.CSG Proceedings18th Proceedings Part 1 (Montelimar, France, June 2006)16/01/2006 (size: 3,396KB)
278.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: Santa Fe, Argentina 200529/04/2005 (size: 6,780KB)
279.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 8 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/08/2004 (size: 4,632KB)
280.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 7 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/07/2004 (size: 5,082KB)
281.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 6 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/06/2004 (size: 1,514KB)
282.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 5 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/05/2004 (size: 2,429KB)
283.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 4 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/04/2004 (size: 6,057KB)
284.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 3 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/03/2004 (size: 4,737KB)
285.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 2 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/02/2004 (size: 4,368KB)
286.CSG Proceedings17th Proceedings Part 1 (Darwin, Australia, May 2004)16/01/2004 (size: 6,331KB)
287.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 9 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/09/2002 (size: 5,028KB)
288.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 8 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/08/2002 (size: 4,502KB)
289.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 7 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/07/2002 (size: 2,082KB)
290.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 6 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/06/2002 (size: 6,821KB)
291.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 5 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/05/2002 (size: 5,253KB)
292.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 4 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/04/2002 (size: 5,042KB)
293.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 3 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/03/2002 (size: 5,122KB)
294.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 2 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/02/2002 (size: 5,802KB)
295.CSG Proceedings16th Proceedings Part 1 (Gainesville, USA, October 2002)16/01/2002 (size: 1,322KB)
296.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 11 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/11/2000 (size: 7,355KB)
297.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 10 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/10/2000 (size: 7,651KB)
298.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 9 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/09/2000 (size: 4,102KB)
299.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 8 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/08/2000 (size: 4,002KB)
300.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 7 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/07/2000 (size: 6,092KB)
301.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 6 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/06/2000 (size: 5,870KB)
302.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 6 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/06/2000 (size: 5,870KB)
303.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 5 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/05/2000 (size: 5,954KB)
304.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 4 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/04/2000 (size: 6,123KB)
305.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 3 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/03/2000 (size: 5,862KB)
306.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 2 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/02/2000 (size: 5,312KB)
307.CSG Proceedings15th Proceedings Part 1 (Varadero, Cuba, January 2000)16/01/2000 (size: 3,033KB)
308.CSG Proceedings14th Proceedings Part 2 (Singapore, July 1998)16/05/1998 (size: 6,298KB)
309.CSG Proceedings14th Proceedings Part 1 (Singapore, July 1998)16/04/1998 (size: 7,775KB)
310.CSG Proceedings13th Proceedings Part 3 (Santa Fe, Argentina, May 1996)16/06/1996 (size: 5,278KB)
311.CSG Proceedings13th Proceedings Part 2 (Santa Fe, Argentina, May 1996)16/05/1996 (size: 5,061KB)
312.CSG Proceedings13th Proceedings Part 1 (Santa Fe, Argentina, May 1996)16/04/1996 (size: 5,516KB)
313.CSG Proceedings12th Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 3 (Pattaya, Thailand, May 1994)16/03/1994 (size: 6,393KB)
314.CSG Proceedings12th Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 2 (Pattaya, Thailand, May 1994)16/02/1994 (size: 4,797KB)
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316.CSG Proceedings12th Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 2 (Pattaya, Thailand, May 1994)16/01/1994 (size: 5,509KB)
317.CSG Proceedings12th Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 1 (Pattaya, Thailand, May 1994)16/01/1994 (size: 6,473KB)
318.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: 2nd Regional Meeting Part 3 (Eastern Asia, Oceania, Australasia; Darwin, Australia, March 1993)16/03/1993 (size: 5,955KB)
319.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: 2nd Regional Meeting Part 2 (Eastern Asia, Oceania, Australasia; Darwin, Australia, March 1993)16/02/1993 (size: 4,367KB)
320.CSG ProceedingsRegional Meetings: 2nd Regional Meeting Part 1 (Eastern Asia, Oceania, Australasia; Darwin, Australia, March 1993)16/01/1993 (size: 6,125KB)
321.CSG Proceedings11th Proceedings Vol. 2 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, August 1992)16/04/1992 (size: 6,853KB)
322.CSG Proceedings11th Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 2 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, August 1992)14/02/1992 (size: 4,331KB)
323.CSG Proceedings11th Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 1 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, August 1992)14/01/1992 (size: 5,036KB)
324.CSG Proceedings10th Proceedings Vol. 2 (Gainsville, USA, April 1990)14/05/1990 (size: 8,139KB)
325.CSG Proceedings10th Proceedings Vol. 1 (Gainsville, USA, April 1990)14/04/1990 (size: 7,859KB)
326.CSG Proceedings9th Proceedings Part 2 (Lae, Papa New Guinea, October 1988)14/02/1988 (size: 4,215KB)
327.CSG Proceedings9th Proceedings Part 1 (Lae, Papa New Guinea, October 1988)14/01/1988 (size: 4,388KB)
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329.CSG Proceedings8th Proceedings Part 3 (Quito, Ecuador, October 1986)14/03/1986 (size: 6,305KB)
330.CSG Proceedings8th Proceedings Part 2 (Quito, Ecuador, October 1986)13/02/1986 (size: 6,368KB)
331.CSG Proceedings8th Proceedings Part 1 (Quito, Ecuador, October 1986)13/01/1986 (size: 5,999KB)
332.CSG Proceedings7th Proceedings Part 2 (Caracas, Venezuela, October 1984)13/02/1984 (size: 7,572KB)
333.CSG Proceedings7th Proceedings Part 1 (Caracas, Venezuela, October 1984)13/01/1984 (size: 7,377KB)
334.CSG Proceedings6th Proceedings Part 5 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and St Lucia, South Africa, September 1982)12/05/1982 (size: 6,269KB)
335.CSG Proceedings6th Proceedings Part 4 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and St Lucia, South Africa, September 1982)12/04/1982 (size: 6,058KB)
336.CSG Proceedings6th Proceedings Part 3 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and St Lucia, South Africa, September 1982)12/03/1982 (size: 6,656KB)
337.CSG Proceedings6th Proceedings Part 2 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and St Lucia, South Africa, September 1982)12/02/1982 (size: 4,662KB)
338.CSG Proceedings6th Proceedings Part 1 (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and St Lucia, South Africa, September 1982)12/01/1982 (size: 6,923KB)
339.CSG Proceedings5th Proceedings Part 2 (Gainesville, USA, August 1980)12/02/1980 (size: 4,595KB)
340.CSG Proceedings5th Proceedings Part 1 (Gainesville, USA, August 1980)12/01/1980 (size: 6,018KB)
341.CSG Proceedings4th Proceedings Part 2 (Madras, India, February 1978)12/02/1978 (size: 5,236KB)
342.CSG Proceedings4th Proceedings Part 1 (Madras, India, February 1978)12/01/1978 (size: 7,615KB)
343.CSG Proceedings3rd Proceedings (Maningrida, Australia, May 1976)12/04/1976 (size: 1,683KB)
344.CSG Proceedings2nd Proceedings (Zululand, March 1973)12/01/1973 (size: 7,892KB)
345.CSG Proceedings1st Proceedings Vol. 2 (New York, USA, March 1971)12/03/1971 (size: 356KB)
346.CSG Proceedings1st Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 2 (New York, USA, March 1971)12/02/1971 (size: 6,609KB)
347.CSG Proceedings1st Proceedings Vol. 1, Part 1 (New York, USA, March 1971)12/01/1971 (size: 7,422KB)
348.CSG ReportsBullying, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy for CSG-Endorsed Events25/03/2024 (size: 237KB)
349.CSG ReportsBullying, Harassment and Discrimination Resolution Procedures for CSG-Endorsed Events25/03/2024 (size: 340KB)
350.CSG ReportsUN SDGs and Crocodilian Conservation26/02/2024 (size: 320KB)
351.CSG ReportsTraceability in Crocodylian Conservation and Management25/10/2021 (size: 9,053KB)
352.CSG ReportsCrocodile Conservation, Management & Farming in Indonesia: a Preliminary Review with Recommendations (2015) by M. Brien, B. Shwedick, L. McCaskill, W. Ramono and G. Webb25/04/2017 (size: 4,030KB)
353.CSG ReportsChina Trip Report (August 2016)22/10/2016 (size: 735KB)
354.CSG ReportsFinal Report: Mission to Colombia (2004) by A. Larriera et al.4/01/2016 (size: 269KB)
355.CSG ReportsStatus Assessment of Tomistoma in Peninsular Malaysia (2014) - B. Simpson30/12/2014 (size: 631KB)
356.CSG ReportsCrocodile Management in Ethiopia (2014) - M. Shirley, L. Siege and M. Ademasu29/12/2014 (size: 2,422KB)
357.CSG ReportsEuthanasia/Killing Methods - CSG Veterinary Science Group5/10/2014 (size: 324KB)
358.CSG ReportsCrocodile conservation, management and farming in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: A review with recommendations December 200822/07/2013 (size: 141KB)
359.CSG ReportsA short-term assessment of the conservation status of Tomistoma schlegelii in Tanjung Puting National Park (Central Kalimantan, Indonesia) December 20069/04/2012 (size: 2,619KB)
360.CSG ReportsConservacion, manejo y uso sustentable de los cocodrilos en Cuba; Reporte y recomendaciones November 20089/04/2012 (size: 2,034KB)
361.CSG ReportsCrocodile conservation and management in Cambodia: A review with recommendations. April 2005.9/04/2012 (size: 428KB)
362.CSG ReportsFalse gharial (Tomistoma schlegelii) surveys in Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia, 1995-20029/04/2012 (size: 621KB)
363.CSG ReportsFinal Report. Visit to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay, December 20059/04/2012 (size: 3,064KB)
364.CSG ReportsInforme Final. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia y Paraguay, December 20059/04/2012 (size: 259KB)
365.CSG ReportsPreliminary survey of Buaya sumpit (Tomistoma schlegelii) and Buaya kodak (Crocodylus siamensis) in East Kalimantan, February 19949/04/2012 (size: 3,397KB)
366.CSG ReportsProject Tomistoma Second report on the ecology of the False gharial, March 19979/04/2012 (size: 762KB)
367.CSG ReportsReport on Executive Officer’s Visit to China, 27 June - 3 July 20069/04/2012 (size: 440KB)
368.CSG ReportsReview of crocodile ranching programs, January-April 20049/04/2012 (size: 478KB)
369.CSG ReportsVelasco, A. (2005). Colombia Report9/04/2005 (size: 116KB)
370.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2024, Darwin12/06/2024 (size: 6,157KB)
371.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2022, Chetumal14/10/2022 (size: 144KB)
372.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2018, Santa Fe29/03/2019 (size: 671KB)
373.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2016, Skukuza14/06/2016 (size: 183KB)
374.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2015, Siem Reap3/06/2015 (size: 201KB)
375.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2014, Lake Charles27/07/2014 (size: 169KB)
376.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2013, Negombo31/05/2013 (size: 172KB)
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385.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 2000, Varadero9/04/2000 (size: 215KB)
386.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1998, Singapore9/04/1998 (size: 464KB)
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388.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1996, Montreal9/04/1996 (size: 128KB)
389.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1996, Santa Fe9/04/1996 (size: 126KB)
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392.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1993, Darwin9/04/1993 (size: 1,143KB)
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394.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1991, Tokyo9/04/1991 (size: 444KB)
395.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1990, Gainesville9/04/1990 (size: 1,209KB)
396.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1990, Perth9/04/1990 (size: 1,017KB)
397.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1989, Gainesville9/04/1989 (size: 79KB)
398.CSG Steering Committee MeetingsCSG SC Minutes 1989, Gland9/04/1989 (size: 910KB)